10 Ways to Salvage your Lips

As the air loses its moisture, our skin and lips begin to suffer from the dry, cold, winter winds; read on to learn 10 ways to salvage your lips!

1. Apply lip balm to your lips before washing your face; the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide may be contributing to damaging the delicate skin on your lips.

2. Turn on a humidifier at night

3. If your lips are not only chapped but sore, place a cucumber slice over your lips for 5 minutes while you’re relaxing to replenish moisture and remove some of the soreness.

4. Exfoliate- either purchase a lip exfoliator, create your own paste with sugar and honey, or if your lips are very sensitive- use a soft bristled tooth brush.

5. Don’t lick your lips!

6. Drink more water

 7. Avoid drinking citrus drinks, spicy foods, and salty foods as all of that can cause your lips to dry as they pass through your lips.

 8. Use Petroleum jelly- especially on night when you can slather it on without any one judging!

 9. Avoid fragrances if you think your lips may be sensitive or causing an allergic reaction

 10. Wear a scarf over your mouth while you’re outside to avoid making contact with the bitter wind.


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