New Product: Ombre Clip In Hair Extension by Le Prive

by Sunnys Girl June 02, 2016

New Product: Ombre Clip In Hair Extension by Le Prive

Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions by Le Prive
Ombre Hair is the defining style of this decade.  It's a trend that just won't go away because women love it so much.  And yet we are just debuting Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions on 
What took so long?
It took us a long time to find Ombre clip in hair extensions that were just right!
Ombre is amazing when it is done right.  The color transition needs to be soft and graduated. But the hardest thing to get right is where the lighter ombre colors begins needs to be far down enough so that women with long hair can blend into the extensions without having to color their own hair! That has been the trickiest part! 
It's not as easy as we thought it would be to source the perfect set... until now!

Why we Love Lengths Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions 

  1. They are Thick Root to Tip:  With up to 120 grams per set Lengths Clip In Hair Extensions are double drawn so that all of the short hair are pulled out and you get hair that is thick from root to tip and not stringy or thin looking.
  2. Ombre Begins Soft and Far Down:  This was always my biggest gripe with Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions, the line where the color started was way too harsh and too high up so that if you had hair that was shoulder length or longer it look ridiculous because your hair just sat on top of this harsh line of sudden blonde or honey blonde tones.  Well... Lengths Ombre Clip In Extensions begin further down and softer so that if you have medium length hair it blends effortlessly and gradually.  
  3. Versatility: Lengths Clip In Extensions blends with a variety of textures and it holds curls and waves beautifully.  What's even better is that your stylist can deposit some color on it to customize even further and you will  have an amazing set of Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions without ever having to dye your own hair!

Our Favorite Colors of Lengths  Ombre Clip In Extensions  are 2/6/8, 3/6/8 and 18/22/24  these colors create a more gradual release of lighter colors and feel more like the new trend of balayage. 

Buy Blonde Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions


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Tempted to try Ombre Hair Extensions?  Buy them here:


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