5 Secrets for a Long Lasting Blowout

by Bess Shriver May 20, 2016

5 Secrets for a Long Lasting Blowout

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Amazing how a great blow out makes us feel ready to conquer the world. But next comes the part we all dread… fighting frizz.  Between work, warm weather, workouts and hectic schedules, finding time for a blow out is difficult enough, and maintenance doesn’t seem much easier - but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few tips fromCOLOUR CEO Debra Shigley to help your blow dry last.

  1.  Dry Shampoo- Using dry shampoo is a great way to extend your blowout even when your hair is on the verge of needing to be refreshed (washed). Dry shampoo cleans your hair and absorbs oil without water, so it doesn’t reverse the impact of heat. Dry conditioner can also be used to revive your style’s sheen. 
  2.  When Working Out- When working out try wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun and/or use a workout headband. This will help prevent some of the sweat on your skin from reaching your hair and keep it from reverting after a killer workout.
  3.  Avoid Excess Steam- We know that many of us are loyal members of the hot steamy shower club, but while your hair is blown out you may want to be sure to keep your hair covered with a shower cap and/or at least turn down the heat. Taking cooler showers helps minimize the steam in your bathroom, keeping your hair straightened longer (and helps your skin retain its moisture, too.).
  4. Chill on the Products- With your new blowout, be mindful of using too much product, especially water-based ones.  Not only can product weigh your hair down, but excessive moisture can also cause hair to revert.  Try using product on an as-needed basis to minimize build-up, and be wary of water-containing product while your hair is heat-straightened.
  5.  No Bedhead- After getting your blow out done, we’d caution against going to sleep without wrapping your hair in some kind of silken material/scarf by either wrapping or pineappling, and if curled, using pin curls or rollers. Covering your hair helps any style, heat or non-heat styled stay in shape overnight and helps prevent cotton pillowcases from absorbing your hair’s moisture.

All that being said, blowouts aren’t supposed to make your hair straight forever (and ones that do have used way too much heat) - that’s what chemical treatments are for.  These tips willprolong your style, they’re not equipped to make it last indefinitely.

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Bess Shriver
Bess Shriver

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