Stop Style Rut with these 5 Top Hair Trends

by Sunnys Girl May 13, 2016

Stop Style Rut with these 5 Top Hair Trends

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What if you could wear your hair however you wanted, whenever you wanted? AtCOLOUR we believe all women deserve effortless beauty experiences-- regardless of her hair type or texture. How would you change up your look if getting your hair done was effortless and worry-free-- and better yet, you had a stylist on retainer.

Would it inspire you to be more daring with your look? Imagine rocking glamorous loose waves one week, an enchanting twist-out the next, and a sleek extension pony the week after. Textured hair has such unlimited beauty and ability to reinvent itself on almost daily!

These are the dreams that motivate and inspire us atCOLOUR.

If you’re feeling daring and adventurous this spring, here are five great trends to try.

  1. Wet look Waves: Slicked back and natural, this subtly - lacquered look is both sexy and humidity-proof.  (likeRihanna on Vogue’s cover this month
  2. Rope braid : The sleek high pony gets an upgrade with a two strand twist.
  3. 70s hair with florals: Luscious waves, accented with flowers, with just a touch of nymphette.
  4. Retro Textured Bobs: Experiment with Texture and Precision Cuts taking a cue from Disney Star Skai Jackson
  5. Rainbow bangs: Try out fantasy color, minus the commitment with bangs—real, or clip-in.

What style are you currently coveting? We want to know!

COLOUR provides in-home hair styling on-demand for women of color.  Download our free app using invite code: SUNNYS21

Sunnys Girl
Sunnys Girl

Lover of all things beauty...but especially hair. Grew up working in her family's hair supply store and now runs the website! Writes fun and interesting commentary for hairnistas around the world.

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