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4 Secret Weapons to Preventing Heat Damage

4 Secret Weapons to Preventing Heat Damage


Last week we discussed what heat damage is and how to repair it.  This week our friends at COLOUR are going to highlight how to prevent it!

Now that your hair is back to health, here are some do’s and don’t from COLOUR founder Debra Shigley for preventing future heat damage. Hint: It’s all about thermal protection!

DO prep and protect the hair: When heat styling, always use salon-quality blow-dryers and flat irons. Prior to blow-drying, prep the hair with a leave-in conditioner or smoothing lotion that provides heat protection. Then, before ironing or curling, spritz your hair all over with a thermal protection spray (the COLOUR team loves Redken’s Iron Shape 11).

DON’T rely solely on a flat iron. Focus on straightening your hair with your blow-dryer as opposed to the iron. Why? The blow-dryer has more wattage and is meant to do the bulk of the work. Your flat-iron should be used for finishing/polishing the hair.

DO keep it moving.  Always make sure the flat-iron is moving as opposed to stuck on a section of hair (which can cause damage).

DO mind the settings. Finally, keep an eye on heat temps. Because different hair textures can withstand different heat, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for level of temperature on the flat iron for your hair type.

So, Sunny’s girls - don’t be afraid of heat styling.  It can help you achieve and experiment with plenty of fun and glam styles.  Just be mindful about how the styling is done, whether at home or by a professional.

We hope these tips from COLOUR gave you insight on how to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

COLOUR provides in-home hair styling on-demand for women of color.  Download our free app using invite code: SUNNYS21

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