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2 Things To Do Before Your Hair Extension Installation Appointment

2 Things To Do Before Your Hair Extension Installation Appointment

You know how it goes.....

You make an appointment with your hair stylist at 9am and you don't leave the salon until midnight!

Your stylist works on you and maybe another client at the same time in between washes, hair drying and braiding (if you're getting a sew-in).

I mean....nobody wants to be at the hair salon all day, so try these 2 things and not only will you shorten your time at the salon but your hair stylist will love you for them too!

1. Show up with clean, product-free hair

It doesn't matter what type of extensions you're getting installed, your actual hair just has to be clean and free of product buildup so that your extensions can last, look (and smell) good.

When you show up to your appointment and the first step is actually having your extensions installed or your hair braided down, you've already eliminated 45 minutes to an hour of the time you'll be spending at the salon.


2. Do a consultation

Talk to your stylist about the desired style you want to see if it's doable and if they can pull it off.

It's always good to bring visual references but remember to be realistic, if you have 2 inches of hair, there is no amount of magic your stylist can work to make you look like Beyoncé without using a closure or full lace wig!

Also make sure you ask  your stylist to suggest the quantity of extensions you need to pull off your look....running out of hair halfway through your appointment sucks and is in this case more is best!


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