by Sunnys Girl May 15, 2014

Q.  I just purchased Indian Hair in Wavy and I love it but I am thinking for the summer that I would like to lighten it do you have any tips or tricks that you would recommend?


A. Virgin Indian Hair is good job with starting out with the right type of hair to lighten.  The next tip I would recommend is visiting a COLORIST!  A colorist is not necessarily your long-time hair stylist.  Colorist are trained usually on one or two lines of color and do color all day every day.  Ask around your community for someone who can recommend a good colorist and when you do a consultation you should make sure they have experience with hair extensions!


Hair Extensions are different to color than your own hair for two essential reasons:

  1.  Your hair is attached to your head which emits heat or around 98 degrees. This heat accelerates the color process which sometimes can yield uneven results.  Hair Extensions don't have that benefit so it often takes more to lift the hair color
  2.  You have no idea the history of the person who donated your hair.  Did they use henna or indigo on their hair at some point. Is their hair super fragile that goes copper or brassy right away.  Since you can't provide this history you need to take incremental steps for lightening your hair.


Now let's say... you avoid hair salons like the plague and you want to try and color the hair yourself. Here are some tips:

  1. When you order your Indian Hair put in the comments that you would like us to send us the naturally lightest color we have in stock. 
  2. Make sure your hair is clarified before coloring it so that you can achieve more even results. A good clarifying shampoo is Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo
  3. Consider using a foam color. I have heard rave reviews about John Frieda Foam Color.  It gives easy and even results. Start by lifting your hair no lighter than two shades lighter than the shade you requested. 
  4. Once you have lifted the base color two shades: Condition Condition Condition 
  5. Then attempt to highlight the hair an additional two shades lighter than your overall base color...proceed with caution because this is the road of no return and why most people pay the big bucks to a colorist.  Try using a at home highlighting kit but...don't call us when you don't love the results!

We do hope this helps.  Does any of our Sunny's Girls have colorist they can recommend?  If so please leave their information in the comments.  Or do any stylists have any tips they could offer in our comments?!



Sunnys Girl
Sunnys Girl

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