Why choose Bohyme Luxe over Bohyme Gold?

by Sunnys Girl February 13, 2018

Bohyme Luxe Hand Tied Hair for NBR

The Bohyme Luxe Collection is Bohyme’s best and highest quality line of hair, offering luxury in hair extensions, and designed specifically for professional use. 

Here are some differences between Bohyme Luxe and Bohyme Gold:

(1) Single Donor Human Remy Hair

  • Bohyme Luxe is single-sourced, which means that each pack of hair is collected from one individual. This creates more consistency per pack of hair. The hair that is sourced for the Luxe Collection is also held to higher standards, providing consistency in quality as well.  
  • Bohyme Gold is a vast mixture of donor hair and can't guarantee consistency as well as the Luxe. 

(2) Double-Drawn Guarantee

  • Bohyme Luxe guarantees fullness and thickness from root to tip. 
  • Whereas in the Gold, there may be some tapering towards the ends, where it starts to thin out. 

(3) Professional-Use Standards

  • Bohyme Luxe holds higher standards to who can purchase and install the hair. It is sold exclusively to licensed cosmetologists and hair professionals that are training/trained in hair extensions. Bohyme believes that the Luxe line should only be in the hands of professionals, so less problems occur due to user error and more stock is available to those who are knowledgeable in extensions. 
  • Bohyme Gold is available to all consumers with or without cosmetology licenses. 

(4) Confidential Professional Pricing

  • Because Bohyme Luxe is only sold to licensed stylists and professionals, pricing stays confidential. Clients will never be able to find out pricing on the Luxe on their own, as Bohyme and their retailers are very strict about this. This gives hair professionals more freedom and flexibility in pricing the hair and their services because clients would not be able to comparison shop on the hair alone. 


BUUUT... Bohyme Gold is still great hair too!

  • Bohyme has made a name for themselves long before the Bohyme Luxe Collection because of their dedication to quality hair in all their products. They hand-select all their hair and are involved in every step of the process from beginning to end to produce what they believe is the very best. 
  • Bohyme Gold offers a more affordable price point to achieving dream hair goals. 

  • Bohyme Gold may be multi-donor hair, but that is true of almost all hair extensions in the world and does not mean that quality or consistency is compromised because of it. There many more factors involved in great hair extensions than whether hair is single-sourced or multi-sourced. 

  • Bohyme Gold offers more colors and textures than Bohyme Luxe. 
  • Bohyme Gold can be custom-colored just as easily as Bohyme Luxe. 


Sunnys Girl
Sunnys Girl

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