The Real Deal with Bohyme Colors

by Dafina Smith December 11, 2017

Bohyme Color Guides

What do the letters in Bohyme colors mean?

Bohyme Luxe Hair Extensions

D = is designated as blended colors. Where one layer of color is sewn on top of the other. For example, a D18/22 would have #18 on one side of the weft and #22 on the other side. Only Machine-Tied Wefts denote a “D”.


Hor P = is designated as highlights or piano-striped colors. The colors are arranged similar to piano keys, alternating colors. Hand-Tied Wefts, the Seamless Weft, Tape-Ins, and Clip-Ins denote a “H”.

M = is designated as mixed color combinations. Colors are mixed together very finely, alternating color almost strand-by-strand.

T = is designated as two-toned or ombré colors. Examples include T2/30, T2/BL22, T6/BL22, and T8A/BL22.


R= is designated as rooted colors, where the weft/base of the hair is darker/rooted. Examples include R4/18/BL22 and R8A/8A/BL22.


BL= is designated as a cool-toned blond. It is the cooler, ashy version of the blonde color. The “BL” always precedes the color. Examples include BL22 and BL613. When found in blends or highlights, the location of the BL changes the color tone as well. For example, most commonly seen as 14/BL22 or 18/BL22, the “BL” applies only to the color 22. However, in a color like BL18/BL22, the BL applies to both colors, and both will be cool and ashy.


A= is designated as an ashier version of the color. The “A” always follows after the name of the color. Examples include 8A, BL22A, and BL613A.


For best results, please order a Bohyme Color Ring. We offer the option to rent one for 10 days or purchase one for keeps. However, we strongly recommend purchasing one as a stylist specializing in hair extensions. 

 Danielle's Favorite Colors

  • R8/8A/BL22

  • 10/16

  • 18/BL22

  • 8A

  • 18D

But what makes Danielle stand out is that she begins with these colors and customizes the color for her clients.

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Dafina Smith

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