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Will Virgin Indian Hair Blend with my Natural Hair?

Will Virgin Indian Hair Blend with my Natural Hair?

Does Virgin Indian Hair Blend with Natural Hair

Virgin Indian Hair & Natural Hair 

Yes. If you are natural Indian hair tends to blend better than if your hair is relaxed because the cuticle will be healthier and shinier on natural hair that is well moisturized and straightened with heat. 

The best matches for natural hair and Virgin Indian hair tend to be Natural Curl Virgin Indian Hair and Natural Wave Virgin Indian hair.  These two products are best for women who crave versatility between straight and textured styles. 

If you don't want to straighten your hair but you just want longer hair that matches your natural texture I would recommend Kinky Curly Virgin Indian hair if you have 3c or 4a hair.

If you have 4b or 4c hair I highly recommend  Bohyme Brazilian Wave to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

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