What is the difference between Hand Tied Hair Extensions and Machine Wefted Hair Extensions

by Sunnys Girl November 08, 2016

Bohyme Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand Tied hair extensions are for women who want really undetectable hair extensions or who have very fine hair.  This hair is meant to be sewn onto a braid or beads for a method like natural beaded rows. It's great for creating full voluminous hair because it isn't bulky. It's also unbelievably flat and undetectable.

But... hand tied hair extensions can't be cut. They come in small bundles that are each the size of your head, if you need to change the size you have to fold it over.  We recommend that you go to a certified Natural Beaded Row specialist so that you are done by someone who knows what they are doing with hand tied hair.  If you cut hand tied hair extensions, the hair will shed to the point of it being useless. 

60% of people should use machine wefted hair because it is durable and flexible but not too thick.  Machine wefted hair is perfect for making clip in hair extensions or sewing in on braids or beads too.  Honestly, if you aren't getting natural beaded rows, a method designed for hand tied hair extensions then, I'd recommend skipping it! 


Sunnys Girl
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