Can Your Hair Extensions Be Bleached or Relaxed?

by Sunnys Girl May 24, 2016

Can Your Hair Extensions Be Bleached or Relaxed?

Our Virgin Indian Hair can be bleached and chemically processed to have more or less texture but we highly suggest that you do a strand test before you do anything dramatic. 

While the Virgin Indian Hair has never been chemically processed by the donor we can't be 100% sure that they did not use Henna or Indigo dyes which are metallic based and can interfere with the lifting process.  If you do color your hair extensions we are Absolutely not responsible for any and all damage that may occur during the coloring process.  We will not take any exceptions to that rule. 

We highly suggest you visit a licensed stylist who is a color specialist that has extensive experience working with hair extensions. 

If you are using Bohyme or Le Prive Hair Extensions we only suggest that you deposit darker colors into the extensions.  The hair is not virgin hair and therefore results can not be guaranteed.  It's best to get the color that might have a close match to what you are looking for or something that has a lot of tones or numbers in the color description.  

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