Do You Sell Brazilian, Malaysian or Peruvian Hair?

by Sunnys Girl May 24, 2016

Do You Sell Brazilian, Malaysian or Peruvian Hair?


We do not sell Brazilian Hair or Malaysian Hair or Peruvian hair because it is a marketing ploy mainly by Chinese factories that use toxic and banned substances to process Chinese hair blended with hair that has already shed from people's head.

We sell Indian Hair because India has a centuries old tradition of donating hair which means cutting off a long ponytail or braid (which yields Remy cuticle intact hair) for a religious reason.  Whether we were to buy it and use it this practice will still occur each and every day in one of the most populous countries in the world. 

This is why we are able to sell such large quantities of Virgin Indian Hair. NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD HAS THIS PRACTICE!

Virgin hair is even harder to source as countries become more industrialized women begin coloring and texturizing their hair.  India is developing country so there is still a lot of this hair that has never been touched by chemicals. 

Chinese hair used to have a large source of Remy and Virgin Hair because women in poorer rural areas would donate their hair for money.  As China has become more industrialized this practice has changed and women don't donate their hair in the numbers they used to which is why prices for a lot of processed hair such as Bohyme or Le Prive has gone up the past few years. 

So now many factories are remarketing scrap or remnant hair ( hair left over in a brush or from the trash) and processing it and covering it with all types of noxious chemicals that makes the hair look shiny and they put names like Peruvian or Brazilian hair and sell it at dirt cheap prices.  

Buy that hair if you want to... you just won't find us selling it here.  Selling quality products is what has kept us in business for over 25 years and while we sell a lot of packaged cheap hair in stores we never promise that it is anything more than what it is a good option for quick weaves or just mixing up your style for a few weeks and those brands like Sensationnel and Indi Remy are using safe and FDA approved chemicals to process the hair. 


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